How to Properly Store and Maintain Your Tactical Gear?

Keeping your tactical gear in top condition is essential for the safety of you, your team, and those around you. It is important to store it properly and maintain it regularly. To ensure that your powtegic outdoor equipment remains in good working order, here are some tips on how to store and maintain your tactical gears!

Clean your tactical gear after every use –

Before storing your tactical gear, make sure to clean it thoroughly with warm water and mild detergent. This will help remove dirt, debris, and sweat that can cause damage over time. Be sure to rinse the detergent off completely before drying as residue can attract dirt and moisture which can further damage the material.

Keep it dry –

Make sure to store all of your tactical gear in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources such as radiators or stoves. Excessive heat or moisture can weaken the materials used in making these products which may lead to premature wear-and-tear or even breakage.

Hang when possible –

When storing items like holsters, pouches, vests, helmets and other similar pieces of equipment try hanging them up rather than leaving them in a pile on the floor where they can become bent or misshapen over time.

Utilize storage containers –

Using airtight plastic containers is a great way to keep out dust and humidity while also keeping any odors from seeping out into the environment that could lead to corrosion or rusting of metal parts over time if left exposed for too long.

If using hard cases for storage be sure not to leave them open for extended periods as this too could allow dust particles inside leading to potential issues down the line with your equipment functioning correctly due to blockages from dust buildup within its inner workings

Avoid contact with harsh chemicals –

Make sure any cleaning products used while cleaning off your tactical gear are specifically designed for use on such materials so as not avoid any chemical reactions that could damage the material itself leading to tears or rips over time due to weakened fibers caused by exposure of harsh chemicals not meant for such use cases.

Use lubricant sparingly –

If there are any metal parts on your equipment be sure only apply a light coat of lubricant when necessary. Otherwise you run the risk of having dirt particles stick onto those surfaces making things more difficult during cleaning later on down the line when needing maintenance work done again at some point in future months/years ahead.

If stored properly up until then without being exposed directly to too much dust over extended periods without proper maintenance beforehand prior to prolonged storage times then happening afterward even still unfortunately sometimes regardless no matter what precautions are taken earlier.


Taking proper care of your tactical gear is essential for safety reasons; however, it also extends its lifespan considerably if done correctly. Follow these tips cleaning after every use, keeping it dry, hanging when possible, utilizing storage containers, avoiding contact with harsh chemicals, using lubricant sparingly, and storing away from extreme temperatures and you’ll have quality tactics gear for years. Additionally, regular maintenance will ensure that everything works well when you need it most.



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